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Bordeaux Alger

Known as "Algiers the white" for its dazzling white buildings, Algiers is the capital city of a new Algeria, in both the literal and figurative sense. The city is home to more than 3 million inhabitants and is the second-largest business centre on the African continent. With its myriad of narrow streets, this ancient city is fast-paced, enriched by a thriving economic and cultural life in keeping with the Algerian youth.

Point of reference

Located in the north of Algeria, known as Dzayer in Algerian Arabic, the age-old city of Algiers is one of the most magical cities in the Mediterranean. The city's highly typical Mediterranean architecture is displayed through its traditional housing, colonial buildings, the narrow streets in the Kasbah and the wide avenues by the sea front. Situated amongst the foothills of the Sahel Mountains, Algiers has no need for a lighthouse as the brightness and whiteness of the buildings are reflected in its glistening bay. The city is a magnet for international businesses and investors as well as tourists and with the third largest airport on the continent, Algiers is the ideal place to discover for weekend breaks, leisure activities and holidays.

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Alger Mo       From 18/06/2018 to 10/09/2018
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