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Bordeaux -> Bergamo

Bordeaux - Bergame
Bordeaux - Bergame
Bordeaux - Bergame
Bordeaux - Bergame
Bordeaux - Bergame
Bordeaux - Bergame
Bordeaux - Bergame
Bordeaux - Bergame

50 km from Milan in Northern Italy, Bergamo is a charming little village that's worth more than just a quick detour. At the foot of the Alps, the former Venetian city-state with a current population of 120,000 inhabitants is divided into two parts: the Citta Alta, meaning 'upper city' and which is a medieval town, and the Citta Bassa, a modern extension of the old town. With its Venetian ramparts and great museums full of works by Botticelli and Titian, you can't help but fall for Bergamo. The city is also known for its cuisine, and is the famous home of Polenta. Charming and full of fine food, it has all the ingredients for an Italian paradise.

Point of reference

Most probably founded by the Gauls, Bergomum, which later became Bergamo, has always been a sought-after city. The Lombards, Francs, and the Milanese ruled over the city before it was conquered by the Venetian Republic in 1428. The Austrians later contributed to its growth as a textiles manufacturer. Today, Bergamo is capital of the region of the same name and stretches out over an urban area home to nearly 500,000 inhabitants. Its proximity to Milan means it is highly popular with Italians, who spend their holidays here. In addition, its airport is often considered to be Milan's third airport. Its tourist attractions, its proximity to Lake Como and the Alps for winter sports, as well as the dolce vita lifestyle, all add to the city's remarkable heritage and are part of what makes it the perfect city.

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Milan Bergame  Tu Th Sa  From 31/10/2017 to 24/03/2018
Milan Bergame MoTu Th Sa  From 26/03/2018 to 27/10/2018
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