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Bordeaux Birmingham
Bordeaux Birmingham
Bordeaux Birmingham

Situated at the heart of the UK, Birmingham is young, modern and nocturnal. The 2nd largest city in England and the symbol of the industrial revolution, Birmingham was almost entirely destroyed during World War II but now resonates with diversity, entertainment, music and stylish shops. "Brum'" is an ideal base for visiting the heart of the country and notably the nearby town of Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare.

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The development of the city of Birmingham, "the homestead of the people of Beorma", stemmed from the metalworking industry in the 16th century. During the industrial revolution, the city welcomed several immigrant populations, which are still present today and contribute greatly to the city's diversity. Severely impacted by the bombings in 1943, Birmingham was restored and emerged as a thriving city with a well-established musical and cultural life. Come to Birmingham for a glimpse of modern, cosmopolitan and unwaveringly cool England.

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Birmingham Mo We FrSaSu From 25/03/2018 to 27/10/2018
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