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Bordeaux - Fès
Bordeaux - Fès
Bordeaux - Fès
Bordeaux - Fès
Bordeaux - Fès
Bordeaux - Fès
Bordeaux - Fès
Bordeaux - Fès

Fez is a city with a unique cultural history, offering by itself an image of Morocco in all its authenticity and diversity. It is the oldest Moroccan imperial city and was the kingdom’s first capital, situated between the Rif mountains and the Middle Atlas. Its past has bestowed upon it a rich architectural heritage which is partially listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Fez, a city of imposing fortifications, continues to maintain its distinctive features such as its enamelled ceramics and pottery, the tannery neighbourhood, its Madrasas (religious schools) and Funduqs (caravanserai) decorated with precious wood, which are all world famous. Stroll through its winding streets amid souks and let yourself be charmed by the unique atmosphere of this centuries-old city.

Point of reference

The easy supply of water was without doubt one of the reasons Fez was built in 789 by Idris I, a descendent of the Prophet and the founder of the kingdom. There is no question about the cultural and religious importance of the city, which is home to the world’s oldest university: Al Quaraouiyine. It later grew in cultural and religious influence with the arrival of Andalusian, Jewish and Kairouanian residents. It was only in the 19th century that it lost its status as capital to Rabat. The city is divided into three districts: Fes el Bali, the old part of the city with its medina and souks, Fes Jedid, the imperial part home to the Royal Palace, gardens and mosques, and finally the Ville Nouvelle built under French influence at the time of the protectorate of 1912. Today Fez attracts large numbers of tourists who come to admire the architectural heritage of this historic Moroccan location surrounded by mountains which are covered in snow in winter.

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Fes   We   Su Annual
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Fes Mo   Fr   From 25/03/2018 to 27/10/2018
Fes   We   Su From 28/10/2018 to 30/03/2019
Fes Mo   Fr   From 31/03/2019 to 26/10/2019
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