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Flights departing from Bordeaux to Figari

Bordeaux Figari
Bordeaux Figari

Figari: the gateway to Southern Corsica. 20 km from Bonifacio and 25 from Porto-Vecchio, Figari is the main gateway to stunning Southern Corsica. With the sun always shining, beaches with heavenly colours, and craggy mountains with breathtaking views, Southern Corsica is like a small paradise on earth, less than two hours from Bordeaux.

Point of reference

Since 1975, when Figari airport first opened, Southern Corsica has been easily accessible. Phoenicians, Etruscans, Greeks, Romans, and then in the Middle Ages, Pisans and Genoans occupied this part of the island. Today, tourism and agriculture are the region’s main industries. In the west there is Sartène with its vineyards, to the south there is Bonifacio and its cliffs, to the east there is the Golf of Porto-Vecchio with its beaches, and to the north, there is the Alta Rocca mountain; the ever-present summer sun can be found in any of these directions. And to put an end to the rumours, Corsicans are always welcoming to those who appreciate their island.

Flights programs

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Scheduled flights
Companies City Days Validity
Figari Mo We FrSa  From 02/06/2018 to 29/09/2018
Jusqu'à 4 fréquences par semaine
Low cost flights
Companies City Days Validity
Figari  TuWeTh SaSu Annual
Jusqu'à 5 fréquences par semaine
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