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Flights departing from Bordeaux to Mahon (Minorca)

Bordeaux Minorca
Bordeaux Minorca
Bordeaux Minorca
Bordeaux Minorca

It is one of the largest natural Mediterranean ports, and also one of the most beautiful. Mahon, Maó in Catalan, capital city of Minorca, one of the Balearic Islands, drew many civilisations to its shores thanks to its beauty and strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea. These civilisations included the Carthaginians and Romans, leaving many architectural and cultural treasures behind. In addition to its palaces, churches and shaded streets, Mahon also features the most beautiful beaches of the Balearic Islands, Es Grau, and Cala Mesquida. Mahon guarantees a sunny and enchanted stay in a preserved natural setting that is the gateway to the island of Minorca, a gem glittering in crystal clear waters, with a vibrant night life and distinctive gastronomy.

Point of reference

The warm climate and beautiful landscapes of Port-Mahon have become legendary, but a lesser known fact is that the city, or at least the island of Minorca, was home to prehistoric man. The island’s strategic location, which to the West opens to the Mediterranean Sea, drew pirates both during antiquity and the Middle Ages. The Moors, the Christians, the English and the French of the 18th century also understood the value of this natural port. Mahon, which became the capital city in 1722, and its roughly 30,000 residents are part of a conservation area that was declared a "World Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO in 1993. Its expansive natural port, nearby exquisite sandy beaches surrounded by cliffs and its architecture, make Port-Mahon a rare jewel in the overexploited Mediterranean. 

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Mahon Mo WeTh    From 30/05/2018 to 03/10/2018
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