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Bordeaux Oslo
Bordeaux Oslo
Bordeaux Oslo

The greenest of capital cities, Oslo is pure bliss. Situated in southern Norway at the base of the fjord of the same name, the quality of life in Oslo is obvious in its spectacular natural environment of lush forests and wooded hilltops. Overlooking delightful wide open spaces, the colourful, friendly city is perfect for walking, leisure activities and an invigorating Scandinavian escapade.

Point of reference

Dating back to the 11th century, the city of Oslo was known as Christiana after King Christian IV for a period of time during the Middle Ages, before returning to its original name in 1925. With just over 500,000 inhabitants, Oslo is one of the smallest capitals in Europe but is certainly one of the most open and green. The capital of Norway, the city is surrounded by hills and dotted with gardens and forests, and despite its position on the 60th parallel of the Earth's axis, Oslo enjoys a mild climate due to the warm current of the Gulf Stream. With its cosmopolitan districts, stunning fjord and cultural activity, the multi-coloured city of blue, green and orange-painted houses oozes vitality and serenity. With the diversity of its various districts, the Nobel Prize-winning city has cultivated a fantastic way of life that is rare for a capital city.

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