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Flights departing from Bordeaux to Santorini

Bordeaux Santorin
Bordeaux Santorin
Bordeaux Santorin
Bordeaux Santorin
Bordeaux Santorin
Bordeaux Santorin

The mythical island of Thira forms part of the Santorini archipelago, inviting you to step into the heart of the legend of Atlantis. Located 75 kilometres off the coast of Greece, the island contains natural landscapes moulded by volcanic formations; a true jewel in the Adriatic Sea, where blue and white houses occupy villages clinging to vast red and black cliffs. A tourist destination renowned for its black and red beaches, Santorini's main attraction lies with its ability to fully immerse visitors in 4000 years of Mediterranean culture and history, now accessible from Bordeaux.

Point of reference

Part of the Cyclades island group, Santorini was once known as Kallíēsti, meaning "the most beautiful one". A worthy title for the island which takes its current name from the 13th century sailors, who re-named it Saint Irene (Santa Irina). The eruption of Santorini's volcano in approximately 1650 BC was the most probable origin of the legend of Atlantis reported by Plato, and the discovery of the site of Akrotiri confirmed the hypothesis of a Minoan civilization. All the major Mediterranean civilisations - Dorian, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish - have at one time besieged the island, contributing to its present-day charm. Under Greek authority since 1840, the 76 km2 island has become a major tourist centre accessible by boat and small carrier aircraft. The unique, radiant and colourful flavour of Santorini is a result of the combination of beautiful landscapes and a mild climate, unmatchable elsewhere even in summer - the inspiration for the film, The Big Blue, directed by Luc Besson.

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Santorin  TuWeTh    From 04/04/2018 to 31/10/2018
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