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Flights departing from Bordeaux to Venice

Bordeaux Venise
Bordeaux Venise
Bordeaux Venise
Bordeaux Venise
Bordeaux Venise

There is no place quite like La Serenissima and the legendary city of Venice in the rest of the world. The "city of love" has fuelled the imagination of countless travellers throughout the centuries, with its Piazza San Marco, canals, gondolas and Doge's palace. Known as Venezia by the Italians, it is the only major city in the world without the presence of cars, offering an architectural ensemble of captivating beauty which is best discovered with patience and passion by exploring the many hidden streets and courtyards, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists. See Venice and die... of pleasure!

Point of reference

Venice owes its power and beauty to its geographical location in North West Italy, at the heart of a lagoon which runs alongside the Adriatic Sea. It was amongst these almost inaccessible marshlands that the Venetians sought refuge, originally inhabitants of Rome who had fled from barbaric invasions. The city's independence began to take shape with the election of the first doge (duke), Paolucio Afanesto, and soon became a powerful city-state geared towards trade and the sea, holding precedence over the Mediterranean from the Greek islands to Dalmatia and heralded the most powerful port in the Mediterranean by the 14th century. Later conquered by Napoleon, the beautiful city subsequently became Austrian territory until joining Italy in 1866. A cultural hotspot and major tourist destination, the city and its lagoon have been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

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Venise  Tu Th  Su Annual
Venise Mo We FrSa  From 28/10/2018 to 29/03/2019
Jusqu'à 3 fréquences par semaine
Venise Mo  ThFr Su From 01/04/2019 to 30/06/2019
Jusqu'à 4 fréquences par semaine
Venise      Sa  From 29/06/2019 to 31/08/2019
+ le samedi
Venise     Fr Su From 06/09/2019 to 06/10/2019
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